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Design Soft Dedicated designers create experiences that are intuitive to users when they are navigating the mobile app. Our app designs with the interface stand out in a competitive market and give an engaging feel to customers and makes a positive impact and lasting impression.

We follow the process of Design-Led Engineering. We have skilled user interface designers who can tackle your mobile interface, dashboard, and applications for iOS, Android, tvOS and the web too. They use Adobe Photoshop, UI designers develop visual elements, create wireframes and prototypes, work on animations between screens, and test the design for optimum functionality.






You need an Enterprise Mobile UX design that can do the work. Better usability and easy navigation ensures that your customers browse your site longer through their mobile devices. And that’s what we have been doing – providing you Mobile UX designs and creating mobile websites that increases visitor engagement.

Enhancing Mobile User Experience

We follow some of the best practices of the industry to gift our clients with a User Experience Design that people love. No need to fret about how successful your mobile site can be. We will help design a mobile user experience that is user-friendly, provides good accessibility and promotes your brand image.

We Can Help!

Designing mobile websites and creating an Enterprise Mobile UX Design doesn’t just involve the art of coding. Each website we design goes through rigorous testing to ensure that everything works as it should. At Design Soft, we can help you make some of the best mobile websites & Mobile App that draws in the crowd. We ensure that the feel and touch of the mobile user interface is liked by the users and the design is user-centric.

Make It Faster!

Yes, mobile users are always on the go and you do not want to stuff up your mobile pages. It will increase load times and decrease visitor engagement. You need to put across your message without being media-rich and herein comes the challenge. You need to create a mobile user experience that doesn’t just make navigation easy but engaging too.

Remember to let users feel the best Mobile UX Desig

it’s expected that the number of mobile users will exceed the number of desktop users. This is why one should always keep the users’ feelings and perception in mind while designing a mobile website. You want your visitors to feel at ease when they browse your mobile site.



 UI/UX Questions & Answers 



question-mark-2 Is it essential to have Mobile UI/UX to engage User to increase your Brand Value?

If you have a great app idea, why wouldn’t you want to make it easily accessible on mobile devices? Mobile devices are gaining popularity in the business world at an alarming rate of speed for a variety of purposes. A mobile UI/UX is essential if you have aspirations of increasing your brand value.

question-mark-2 How many app design iterations will be there?

Upon the confirmation of the project from the client, the Project Manager will send design requirement document, that needs to be filled and sent back to us, based on the requirement of UI/UX our excellent designers will create 2 to 3 samples of Icon and loading screen which will be sent for you for approval, after 2-3 revisions of the designs, we finalise with a design. Once the finalization of the design is done, we send to design remaining screen to complete the full application of UI.

question-mark-2 Do you provide Mobile App Graphic design and illustrations?

Every client has their own kind of requirements, based on the type of requirement we can either adopt your graphic designs or we can produce them as per your taste and inputs, as we have one of the best graphics team who can design your concept to perfection.






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