Online store

Open your online store at all times and dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about.Grow your business with POSMOVI’s new online sales platform.

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Synchronized Inventory in Real Time

A single inventory for your business updated with every sale you make regardless of the channel. You will know exactly what you have to a click from any connected device. You will not have to update by hand every sale you make either your physical store, your cellar or your online store.



Sell More and Better with your Online Store

Expand your sales. Using the POSMOVI ecommerce module you will have your products available to everyone from anywhere and anytime 365 days a year. The Ecommerce module is compatible with Webpay and PayPal.

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Your Online Store with Ballot and Electronic Invoice.

Receive your orders online directly on the POSMOVI platform and then generate the electronic invoice or invoice associated with the sale. With a click your receipt will be ready and you will not have to re-type the products. Scan your documents!



All Your Business Information Available in Real Time


All sales channels integrated in a single platform. Analyze your aggregate sales and in detail incorporating all the sales channels in the same platform. Make better informed decisions and keep your business information in the palm of your hand with you minute by minute.


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