Ionixx’s continuous testing allows you to achieve greater productivity even while managing a digital transformation.


Growing complexity and accelerated business cycle times are some of the challenges that companies have to cope with globally. It only pushes them to rethink their approach to testing. Ionixx has the ability to provide a seamless customer experience by creating high-quality applications that protect brand value. With our testing services we drive sustained quality and efficiency that shape every company’s digital future. Our specialization is built on extensive experience of serving clients from several industries. We pioneer in intelligent automation and digital leadership, which is based on delivering innovative solutions that shape the testing specifications for every product.

Web App Testing

It is absolutely imperative for businesses to create web-based applications that are functionally and structurally ready for performance in the competitive online retail global market.

Mobile App Testing

Our smart devices testing scope spans smartphones, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, notebooks as some of the major categories.

Test Automation

Test Automation using tools like Zephyr, Appium, etc. has been a primary focus to enhance efficiency of test teams.

Performance Testing

Ionixx technologies has a dedicated and focused group of engineers who are experts in developing performance tests for applications.

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  • Expansion

    Usability Testing & Improvement

    The best technology is always intuitive. Poor user experiences can ruin your product. Our usability testing services will assess if the digital experience actually matches the user's expectations in terms of layouts and workflows.
    Testing experts at Ionixx curate feedback in accordance to usability industry standards and improve effectiveness to ensure that your digital experiences delight your customers.

    Extending DevOps

    DevOps isn’t just a product or a tool. It’s an approach to unifying operations and development to standardize processes for a better infrastructure for deployment. Ask us to build your internal DevOps team for stable and secure deployments.

    Technology Audit

    Every organization needs to balance its technology in terms of ease of use, speed and convenience. Alongside is the critical need to keep information safe from potential threats.
    Ionixx’s IT audit team ensures optimal support to your organization’s strategic vision by conducting audits customized to your business that addresses compliance, risk and security. We mitigate information technology risks and improve your business productivity.

    Team augmentation

    You may be able to choose the right technology easily, but finding the right talent to build and launch it smoothly can be challenging. We find great talent, whether it is a single resource or a team of resources, our extensive database of candidates will get you the right kind of talent, at the right time and in an extremely cost-effective manner.

    Security Improvement

    Ionixx provides superior, managed and monitored IT security services. From traditional malware to sophisticated attacks, the security of information technology is always challenged. We provide end-to-end IT security services by creating security policies and controls, device management and securing applications and databases.
    We provide IT security services that is top-notch, secured, managed and continuously monitored.

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