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At Design Soft, we provide simulation authoring solutions and consulting/design services to help you easily create and deliver robust, sandbox-style software simulations to your learners.

Cut Training Costs

Reduce training time & increase speed to competency

Rapid Development

Quickly create, maintain, and update training simulations

Enjoyable Learning

Learners think, experiment, and problem-solve on their own


Full Accessibility

Play in the cloud from anywhere in the world

Data Analytics

Monitor, track, and measure user performance

Full Adaptability

Can be fully customized to fit your business needs

 Simulation design and development tool created with learning designers in mind.

Here at DesignSoft we firmly believe that the “Hands-On” approach to teaching is the best way for people to learn and more effectively retain specific processes more quickly.
The project and the learning consulting sector is based on large amounts of research and field tests that prove the effectiveness of this type of development. The products produced within this industry continue to focus primarily on imparting content in facilitating challenging, relevant and realistic learning experiences. In many organizations the lack of resources and the need to support the organization quickly, and the fact that creating a quality learning experience is not usually a quick and easy process normally.


In addition to potential internal challenges, there is also a huge gap in the market for simulation development in the current. On the one hand, relatively inexpensive tools, capable of producing simulations, require a significant amount of time for development and maintenance. On the other hand, existing tools that allow designers to quickly produce simulations with high fidelity to the original are relatively difficult to use and simply are not profitable for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

DesignSoft is made up of software developers, design consultants and customer service professionals who offer solutions and services that enable the training teams of an organization to rapidly develop, deliver and maintain quality simulators at a cost that is Dictates in its entirety by the specific software needs of organizations of any size.


We will provide you with the right tools you need to develop the skills of your people.


We help support the growth of your organization as it expands and flourishes.


Expect the highest quality world-class support. And, absolutely nothing less.


Design and Training Services

If you’ve ever tried to build a simulation using other content authoring tools, you may have run into some serious issues. We know we have.

Conceptually, simulations are simple. We want something that acts just like the actual system, yet removes the risks associated with the production environment. However, without a complete needs analysis and a solid design plan, simulation efforts can spiral out of control.

At Design Soft, we offer design, consulting, and training services to determine the best solution for your team and organization. Whether you’d like robust simulations built for you or to get your designers up to speed, we’re here to help.

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