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¿ What is POSMOVI ?

The POSMOVI is built from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and focuses specifically on speed, efficiency and safety to make your dream come true. With the ability to process orders faster than any existing POS system, your business is prepared to process high volume sales without system slowdown. Start running your fast service business in a Point of Sale software and system smarter and faster.

Inventory Control

Manage your products in a simple way and manage everything you need. Forget about wasting time on excel and let POSMOVI help you with the inventory in real time.

Permanent Support

Because we understand that you need an excellent service, we accompany you with a team of committed people to support you whenever you need it.

Full Configuration

We take care of completely configuring the program according to your needs and we accompany you throughout the process.

Reports and Analysis

You can analyze your sales online. Check how much you’ve sold per branch, per vendor, per customer, and per product. Know the current stock of your store minute by minute. You can also export all the information to Excel.

Point of sale

The POSMOVI POS is very easy to use and fast. You can make sales with discounts, assign it to different sellers and handle different forms of payment. The system makes the closing of box and book of sale in automatic form. Each time you sell, the stock is lowered and the margin of contribution of that sale is calculated. You can know what you sell minute by minute, from anywhere with the internet. This allows you to have control of your business.


Adding or editing products with their types and variants (such as size and color) is very fast. It incorporates particular attributes for each product according to your needs. You can also import and export the list of products.


sistema de facturacion

Multiple charging options for your customers

Apply cash receipts
Apply the cash payment in an easy way of any sale made, enter the amount paid and in automatic will appear the change to give.

Sales Management on Credit
With this point of sale you can manage your customers and give them credit option on your purchases made.

Accept payments with bank cards
Add the capacity to your point of sale of acceptance of bank cards for the payment of products and services (additional module).

The tax is configurable
You can print directly the ticket on your fixed or mobile printer, you can choose to send it in a virtual way via e-mail.








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POSMOVI a simple System, to optimize the results of the future, your decision making and to advance to your competitors.


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