PHP Web Development





PHP Web Development

PHP is widely used for developing dynamic web pages and custom web applications. PHP has been used on 25 million websites and is installed in over 1 million web servers since its development in the 1990s.
There demand for PHP Web Development (using MySQL as Database) is ongoing, as it aids in creating a highly interactive and dynamic web experience. Furthermore, being an open source, it is a preferred choice of many programmers and users. PHP is probably the most popular programming language for creating dynamic, robust and secure solutions.




Php features


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With Design Soft, You are also Guaranteed:

Client Satisfaction

Our expertise in PHP (LAMP), MySQL, Apache & Linux allows us to provide the best solution and maximum customer satisfaction to our clients.

24/7 Technical Support

We rely heavily on our engineering methodologies, tools and processes to help our clients achieve their business goals. Part of this service involves 24/7 support by our expert tech team by phone, email, remote login or in person.

Rapid Development

PHP web development is quick and relatively easy. It allows for changes to irrelevant codes, sustains codes and capture bugs easily. The ability to quickly development PHP reduces the overall development time of your app or site, which in turn, reduces the cost to do so.

Excellent Performance

PHP, along with MySQL, Linux and Apache, (popularly known as the LAMP platform), is the best option to develop a unified structural foundation for building and running dynamic and excellent quality codes with high-performance web applications.

Table-less Design

In order to write standard compliant code, our developers use 100% table-less layout. It ensures the quickest possible loading speed

Speedy Data Processing

In order to provide the best possible service, we provide PHP that supports numerous databases, web servers, and operating systems. Remember…a website using PHP is capable of quicker data processing elements, speedy data control, and can be hosted in major web –servers across the globe.


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