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speech-bubbles-comment-optionSurely you have wondered why your business does not have a big impact on social networks, it is most likely because of a lack of an effective strategy.
Design soft has specialized tools to achieve this impact.

Our service is responsible for managing your social networks, in order to keep them up to date, which can shorten the distance between the customer and their products.


facebook-logo-2Design Soft provides social media management for businesses of all sizes – ¡Having the right social media manager is key to any business – they need to walk . With the right person, your business will see its reach online grow!

Not every business is alike.I create custom packages for each of my clients based on their needs and their ultimate goal. I look forward to having the chance to work with you!


codeThe fundamental thing about a website is that it constitutes the most complete means of communication that we can find today and it becomes a fantastic platform to promote your company, products, services and / or entrepreneurship.

For this reason, our websites are implemented with the following characteristics, constituting the minimum platform necessary to reach an adequate internet presence:




Microsoft SharePoint, also known as Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, is an enterprise collaboration platform, comprised of products and elements of software that includes, among an increasing selection of components, collaboration functions, based on the web browser.
Growth Hacking is a set of marketing techniques developed by technology companies that use creativity, analytical thinking, as well as web and network metrics. To sell their products and earn exposure.It can be seen as part of the online marketing ecosystem


messageE-mail marketing allows direct and economical access to a large public obtaining real statistics of results.

Know at all times the degree of interest aroused by your messages
Know exactly the impact of your shipment
Who received your message
What did they read
How often
What day and time
If they accessed a link (how many times, what day and time)
If you forwarded it
Who did not receive and why


megaphoneAnalyze, Strategize, Monetize
Web SEO Analytics has enabled hundreds of online marketing professionals to make efficient decisions based on key performance indicators.In depth SEO Analysis
Break down all the possible factors of a solid SEO strategy.
Reliable Accurate Results
Take control of the performance with visualized and extracted in branded reports.
All- in- one SEO Toolbox

All professional SEO needs for diagnostics, SEO research, SEO monitoring, on and off page optimization perfectly placed in one pioneer platform.