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What is an iPhone Mockup Wireframe Service?

Here at Design Soft, we believe in involving our clients in every phase of the design and development of their iPhone app. Therefore, we create wireframes for iPhone apps so that our clients are able to follow the direction their app is taking throughout the process—from beginning to end.

Our iPhone mockup wireframe service shows the skeletal framework of the iPhone app; allowing you to see how the user interface will work. IPhone mockup wireframe services act as a bridge for the information architecture and the visual component of the iPhone app—ensuring both components of the iPhone app design work together seamlessly. The mock up also provides a blueprint for the development of the actual product.


Our iPhone Mockup Wireframe Service includes


Once we’ve completed a comprehensive analysis of our client’s business, we offer advice on the structure, content and design style of their website. This includes a comprehensive Information Architecture (IA) report. Using this, we are able to design a prototype and wire frame testing which ensures that the IA is structured correctly. This ultimately leads to a better user experience that is highly customer-focused.


With wireframe service, we help our clients decide on the layout and navigation of their website. Working with wireframe services has proved to be a valuable asset to both Design Soft and our clients over the past five years. The wireframe service makes production of the final product quicker and easier.


We work with prototypes in every aspect of our design process. A working prototype gives life to your idea. Prototyping begins with the conception of your idea and continues throughout the design and development process. Prototyping helps find solutions to potential problems before they actually become problems and allows for changes to be made with little difficulty.


Design Soft believes in creating realistic simulations of applications that can be tested before writing the line of code—even before documenting detailed specifications. Design Soft understands that static documents simply cannot communicate the right user experience, so adapts a collaborative visualization that serves as the central communication platform.





What’s the difference between a Wireframe and Prototype?


Broadly speaking, a wireframe is a visual layout of a webpage that illustrate the features, content, and links that appears on the page so that the designer can mock up a visual interface, which will help the programmer understand the features of the page and work to make it display and function as it should.


A prototype is an extension of a wire-frame. It provides a clear visual of how the final app or website will look. It is a representation that allows us to test each function prior to the actual launching of your project to ensure a positive user experience.
Wireframes and prototypes save time and money by allowing our team of experts to make changes and corrections to these mock ups before actually implementing them into the final product.


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